About Corfu

Corfu was not given the name of the Emerald Island for no reason. The greenest of all the Greek islands, Corfu’s natural beauty is hidden under a cloak of emerald green, with a mountainous skyline plunging into the bluest of waters.

Elegant architecture, sun blessed beaches, enchanting nightlife and fine cuisine, all play a part in making Corfu one of the most charming islands in Greece. The island has something to offer everyone. Corfu Town itself is a contrasting combination of old and new existing side by side in perfect harmony.

There is an abundance of sand, shingle and pebble beaches lining the 200km coastline, leading to clear waters ideal for swimming and water sports.

Take a little time to explore the island and you will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular scenery on offer by any destination. A trip into the heart of the island will give you an insight into Corfiot village life. Time, in some places, seems to have stood still and everyday life carries on pretty much as it must have done for hundreds of years.

Even though the island is constantly developing, Corfu has still managed to retain its beauty and charm throughout time. The majority of the island remains untouched and as captivating as it has been for centuries.

Whether you are looking for the hustle and bustle of nightlife or peace and tranquillity, everything you could need is here, just waiting to be discovered.

12 Reasons to Visit Corfu at Easter

Corfu is known for many different things such as its beaches and old city centre with the narrow streets where you easily get lost. But one of the most impressive things Corfu is known for is the Easter traditions and customs being celebrated here.